Making Cities Usable

Billions of 👫 humans move around 🏙️ cities daily. However cities are 😵 complicated, 🚗‍🚗‍🚗 congested, 😶 environmentally unsound, and economically stretched. We’ve spent a decade building some of the greatest 📱 technology in urban mobility that addresses these challenges. Proven and showcased by our popular and 🏆 awarded consumer products, 💚 loved and used by millions. Available in all the major cities of the 🌎 world, with the highest quality mobility data.

We’ve spent a decade building the ultimate technology for mobility in cities


Proven, popular and awarded user interfaces used by 50m+ users

Data Factory

A unique approach to generating the most accurate mobility information globally

Routing Algorithms

Designed for humans in realtime, multimodal cities, improved by billions of real world searches and choices


Pioneered the future of mobility ticketing with an innovative contactless + native booking based solution for all public and private mobility


Data-driven tools for optimising transport network design and operations


Technology to run intelligent transport systems, integrated with apps, proven in London

Proven and showcased by the most loved and awarded consumer products in the industry

50m+ users

Mobile apps with 50m+ downloads from all around the globe

Award winning

Including multiple Apps of the Year from Apple and Google

Feature Innovation

Invented industry leading features like GO / Turn-by-Turn navigation

Most loved

Browse years and years of user love on


An innovative showcase of contactless ticketing and all mobility bundled together


We analysed a gap in the London night bus network and ran a bus line with innovative tech

With a unique model for developing the highest quality mobility data in the industry

Unique Tools

A suite of over 30+ custom built tools, developed over a decade, to manage every data challenge we have faced across cities

Unique Process

Thousands of feeds aggregated, fixed, improved, maintained and augmented, updating several times per week, plus incorporating real app usage and user feedback mechanisms

Unique Data Analysts

Technical, mission-driven transit specialists, hired globally with local expertise, given expert in-house training

Includes Public + Private Transport

Covering public transport and private modes such as cabs, scooters, cycles, mopeds, and car share

For all major cities of the world

Covering the most complex transit cities in the world