First batch of Citymapper Passes SOLD OUT within hours

We are really excited about starting to take orders for Citymapper Pass, and have been blown away by the interest London has shown in what we're building. 

Our initial batch of Passes sold out in just a few hours.

Demand has been more than expected and at HQ we're working extra hard to ensure we can deliver.

Some of you will be hearing from us soon confirming that you will receive your Pass and shipping timelines. Yay!

Some of you will not be able to receive a Pass quite yet, as we've run out. But don't worry, you will not be charged, we will keep you at the top of the queue, and we've already fast tracked an order for more cards. 

Citymapper Pass is a new product and we'd like to focus on providing a great experience before scaling too quickly, especially now that we are working with money and ticketing. We promise to roll this out to all of you as soon as we possibly can.

We encourage you to still signup and order (within the app) to secure your place in the queue. We won't charge you until we are ready to ship a card to you.


Thank you from the whole team for your support!