Citymapper joins Via

We are joining Via

We are joining forces with NYC-based Via to build the ultimate transit tech for cities. Our journey planning, apps, and data factory will complement their existing transit tech, to help develop the best solutions for cities and the humans that live in them.


The app will continue

Our consumer applications will continue to support the millions of users that know and love us. Additionally we will invest further in expansion and features.


The team will all join

Every member of the team will be joining Via so we can continue the same roadmap and mission, and build all the cool things you expect from us.


Our tech will become more widely available

Our journey planning and data factory tech, including our SDKs and APIs, will be integrated into Via’s platform so they can support their customers and improve the offering for agencies and cities everywhere.


Thank you to everyone that has supported us

Citymapper exists because of you, our users, who gave us a chance, recommended us to your friends, gave us feedback, helped us improve our data, and dream of improving our cities.

We are so grateful and are looking forward to showing you what’s next!